Fall 2015 term registration is now open!

Please navigate to the Registration link on the top menu for registration and tuition information for the fall 2015. The first session in this fall will start on Sept 13 (the first weekend after the Labor Day). Please fill out the registration form at your conenience so we can prepare our class for each age group. Have a nice summer!


Our Unforgettable First Recital

If you were in the recital, you must agree with me that the concert was absolutely heartwarming, beautiful, educational and yet entertaining! I was very proud of our kids-the Music Talk Choir Age 6-9 Group—it was truly amazing that such animated and joyful performances were delivered by such young children! Believe it or not, kids mastered all these 6 pieces within 9 rehearsals. The 10th time that we met was…

Child of Tomorrow

Announcement of Recital

We are proudly announcing our first Recital! Our cutest little singers will be singing music from traditional folk songs to musical pieces. And our amazing faculties will be performing as well! Lovely music and free admission will be our gift for you in a pleasant summer evening! Please come and join us: 5:30-6:30 Sunday 6/14/2015, Plymouth Congregational Church, 528 Pleasant st. Belmont MA02478 (poster by Qi Zhang)